Friday, December 5, 2008

We got our progress reports back!

Yeah, we got our progress reports back for science! So you know how my last post said that I thought the test was easy? Well, apparently, it was XD I was just CARELESS and missed some problems =/ So overall, I got a C on the test. But I got a C on my overall grade D:
I have a C in math too =/ Which is a bummer.
My science teacher is so RETARDED. He's SO effing weird. I hate him. He talks with no emotion & he NEVER smiles. He doesn't even TRY to teach us so I have to go read the book for information.
Rawr, well I'm getting off for the night. Bye !

-Meaghan (:

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Aw dude.

I haven't blogged in forever. But there's really nothing to blog about right now... Well, I had a science test today. And it wasn't that hard. But whenever I say that, I fail the test ><>

Yupp, it's animated (:

I had to google it.

You know how many tries I had to do to get the image correct on the blog? 20 times! It kept duplicating the image & it kept putting Gloomy Bear up at the top where I didn't want it!

Well anyway, I'm done blogging (:

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Nothing New

Okay well I'm blogging from my phone now. I have nothing better to do because I'm in a car. Our car kind of 'broke down' I guess. The steering wheel had this huge problem & it was hard to turn. We were on the freeway when it happened. So we had to find a parking lot to park in & my dad had to call a tow truck :(
It totally bummed me out. My mom had to call my uncle to take us back home. We were in freaking Milpitas. You know how far that is from where I live? Ahh, enough of my ranting. I'll update later. Toodles.
(ps. sorry for spelling/grammer mistakes. its hard to type when you're in a bouncing car on the highway).

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I want Obama&Biden to win!! Let's hope they do :) I am so glad that they're for NO ON 8. Because gay people have rights too :)

Well short blog :)


Sunday, November 2, 2008


Nothing to blog about today :(
But I feel like blogging anyway...even though no one reads this crap haha.
I'm reading a book called "I'm Exploding Now" and it's a great book. You guys should totally read it. I don't usually read books XD Haha.
But seriously, read it. It kinda teaches you crap hahaa.
Well I'm off to go find other blogs & comment them (:

Friday, October 31, 2008


Halloween this year sucked ass. I mean, there were barely any people out trick or treating. And most of our friends ditched us! I mean, c'mon! And my costume looked the same as last year's :(
I thought today was gonna be fun cause it was raining but I guess I was wrong. I'm wrong most of the time which pisses me off.
Well guess what?! I made up with the girl I was talking about in my posts before this. I refered to her as the bitch (: But it's all good now. We talked about it during our walk to different RICH PEOPLE'S houses haha.

I am really bored right now :(
Ooh good news though! I got over my crush :) And I'm glad I did because he's starting to annoy me :(

Meaghan://Faded Aeterna

Monday, October 27, 2008

Aww :(

Yesterday, I was out all day! So I couldn't post. And when I got back home, I had to do homework. Ahh! So my plan of blogging everyday might now work. I should just limit it to AT LEAST 3 days a week so that I wouldn't have to worry.

I have tons of homework & projects to do. I have this art project where I have to draw a landscape in perspective. And I have to do this papier-mache head for french. It's gonna take me forever! So frustrated right now :(

Well short blog! Toodles!

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Ahh. I've been sick for the past few of days that I haven't blogged :(
At first, it was a cold. Then it turned into a fever. And now, it's back to a cold. I didn't even go to school on Friday :( And I really wanted to lol.

YOU GUYS MUST WATCH LOVELY COMPLEX! It's an anime & it's so cute. It's hilarious lol. Just go on :)

Not much to blog about today =/

Oh. It's my friend's birthday today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Blogging Everyday!

Yupp, you heard me right. I'm gonna be blogging everyday now...if possible :)
Hopefully, I'll be a lot less stressed about things once I get everything out of my system by typing it onto this public blog about my life :]

Okay so yesterday, I found this WHITE blank folder & I wrote all my favorite lyrics on it in different colors :) I also doodled on there hehe. I made three designs for my Asian/Pacific Islander Club tee-shirts. I think they look pretty awesome. I'm not gonna post up any pics until I see it on a shirt lol.

Soo you know that bitch I was talking about (in one of the older posts)? Well yeah, she's still ignoring me & I have no idea why. And she's still talking about me when I'm not. She's hella conceited. She used to be so nice last year and now she turned into an EVIL BLOOD SUCKING BACK STABBING FUCKTARD! Ugh I hate her so much. She needs to get a life and not talk about me to all her friends. Her "friends" aren't even her friends really. I don't know why they like to follow her around. She's not that interesting. Her "friends" follow her around like a dog which I think is so sad.

OOH. My birthday was on Sunday, the 19th :) I got purple eyeliner! Yay me! Lol, I've wanted purple eyeliner for a LONG time. I want to get green and blue :] I already have black, brown, & white.

So I'm ending this post now :)

-Meaghan :]

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Nothing to post about...

I have nothing to blog about but I don't want to seem inactive or anything. Blogging makes me not so stressed out :) I always read these books about bloggers and they have successful ones. I want to be one of those bloggers lol.

Ugh. I'm in conceptual physics and I have a D! Help! I can't have a D!!! I need to have all A's so that my mom would let me get a lip ring. Ahh :(

Friday, October 3, 2008

Long Time No Post

So I haven't posted in hella long (or at least that's what I think...). No one comments my blogs =/ Because I don't think that anyone actually reads them. But I like blogging :D I can let my feelings out without feeling like a total asshole in front of people :)
I got a new phone! It's the Palm Centro from Verizon. I got it last Sunday. It's pretty coolio. Except for the keys, cause they're hella small.
-I know that I said I'd post up my new desktop on here but I haven't been able to D;



Sunday, September 28, 2008

New graphic!

Here's a signature that I've made for people to use on Forums and such things like that. It has my credits on there so PLEASE don't remove them. If they are removed, you're going on Faded Aeterna's wall of shame. I have people that tell me who steal & who are nice and don't steal :) I have made a new desktop for my computer! It's featuring Hanna Beth. This blogger isn't letting me upload two pictures onto one blog thingy. So I'll show you my thumbnail of my desktop next post :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I hate my friend. She's so bitchy. Actually, she's not my friend anymore. She made a big deal out of this boyfriend shit. I hate her so much. I wasn't even rude to her in the first place. I was just annoyed & I didn't say a word to her. Now she thinks that I'm making a big deal out of it. She wanted to keep the boyfriend a secret but everyone knows! So why the fuck is she doing this? I hate her so much. I want to crack her walnut head :)
She deserves it. I don't care much for her anyway. She can go die.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


This is my third blog! I have one and NewBlog and Tumblr. I just wanted to try out the different blogging sites though to see which is better. I always like new things the best lol. I'm currently doing my geometry homework which I hate :( But it's easy today which is a good thing. I put ads on my website! Please go click them so that I can earn more money. I'm trying to save up for college ahead of time. I've already got like $900. When I turn 14, I'll go work at McDonald's or any other place that accepts 14 year olds. I wanna start early.