Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Blogging Everyday!

Yupp, you heard me right. I'm gonna be blogging everyday now...if possible :)
Hopefully, I'll be a lot less stressed about things once I get everything out of my system by typing it onto this public blog about my life :]

Okay so yesterday, I found this WHITE blank folder & I wrote all my favorite lyrics on it in different colors :) I also doodled on there hehe. I made three designs for my Asian/Pacific Islander Club tee-shirts. I think they look pretty awesome. I'm not gonna post up any pics until I see it on a shirt lol.

Soo you know that bitch I was talking about (in one of the older posts)? Well yeah, she's still ignoring me & I have no idea why. And she's still talking about me when I'm not. She's hella conceited. She used to be so nice last year and now she turned into an EVIL BLOOD SUCKING BACK STABBING FUCKTARD! Ugh I hate her so much. She needs to get a life and not talk about me to all her friends. Her "friends" aren't even her friends really. I don't know why they like to follow her around. She's not that interesting. Her "friends" follow her around like a dog which I think is so sad.

OOH. My birthday was on Sunday, the 19th :) I got purple eyeliner! Yay me! Lol, I've wanted purple eyeliner for a LONG time. I want to get green and blue :] I already have black, brown, & white.

So I'm ending this post now :)

-Meaghan :]